Saturday, October 6, 2007


Joan Harrold was married to Charlie Trayhorn in 1948. She was born in Enfield, Middlesex and lived with her sister Grace, brother Peter and mother Beatrice, her father having been knocked off his bicycle by a bus and killed in Enfield Highway in September 1939, he served throughout the Great War with the Machine Gun Corps. Joan spent long periods living with with her elder brother Philip and his wife Hilda. Phil joined the Somerset Light Infantry in 1940 by the time he was killed by enemy action in Normandy July 1944 he had produced two daughters, Kathleen and Betty. The photo shows Phil holding his daughter Kathleen with Joan by his side, Grace in front with Peter, taken at Kenilworth Crescent 1942. The other photo shows Joan in Girl Guide uniform the same year. The Harrold family owned a penny lending library shop until the death of the father, hard times followed with Beatrice having to work as a cleaner in St. Michaels Hospital, Enfield. The death of brother Phil led to Joan help bring up Hilda's daughters and start work for the GPO as telephonist. Joan new the Trayhorn family who lived nearby in Baker Street. Joan befriended Charlie's sister Margret. Charlie fell for Joan asking her for her hand in marriage whilst on leave.

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